Sarah Tranter
Katie Hogue

Creative Floral Designs is owned by Sarah Tranter. Sarah is joined by Katie Hogue.

Sarah and Katie both grew up in Sandy, Utah. They began their friendship in kindergarten and remained close all the way through high school. Each had their own interests but they both always shared a love for design. They began to explore this love through several interior design classes at Alta High School. Floral design was among the many elements of design taught in these courses that particularly caught their interest.

Sarah and Katie continued to pursue this interest and enrolled in a floral design class together at BYU their freshman year of college in 2006. Through this course and others they were able to develop their talents of floral arranging and their desire to take this beyond school was solidified. They jumped right in and began designing weddings for friends and family. After the excitement and gratification of the first wedding, they knew this was something they wanted to continue.

After her first year at BYU, Katie decided to transfer to Utah State to continue her education in design through their interior design program. She graduated with her bachelors degree in May of 2009 and continued on to work at a design firm in Logan for two years. Now being happily married and the mother of a baby girl, she continues to work in commercial and residential design from home through her business, Katie Hogue Design.

While both Katie and Sarah were going to school, they continued to take weddings on the side for various clients. Sarah, having a passion for the care and well-being of others, decided to pursue a degree in nursing from BYU. She has since graduated and currently works at the University of Utah. She is always interested in increasing her talent with colors and flower studies. Her creative problem solving skills have had a huge impact not only in her careers but in life in general.